Many of the forms needed to register at John Stark are available for download by as attachments at the bottom of this webpage. If you prefer, you may also have them mailed or faxed to you.

To schedule an appointment with the Registrar and your child’s Counselor, please contact the Counseling Center at (603) 529-5306.  We ask that you please have all your registration paperwork and documentation completed prior to your scheduled appointment.  You may return this information via U.S. mail to 618 North Stark Hwy, Weare, NH 03281; fax to 603-529-5299, email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or drop it off in the School Counseling Center. 

Please note, a custodial parent/legal guardian and the student must be present during the registration. Depending on the student’s grade and amount of documentation to review, the process will take approximately one hour to complete. During this time the student will select classes and receive a tour of our building. It is possible for students to review our class offerings prior to the appointment by reading our online  Program of Study

New Registration Check List - This is an itemized list of required (unless noted otherwise) documents and forms for registration. Submitting registration forms and documentation prior to your scheduled appointment is encouraged. This allows the Registrar, Counselor and Nurse to review documents in advance, allowing them more time to answer your questions and speeding the process along.

Records Release 2017-18 - This form is a priority because it allows us to contact the previous school and obtain records critical to the registration process. If possible, complete and return this form prior to your appointment.

JSRHS Student Registration Form - Please be as thorough as possible in completing this form. We understand that all information may not be available if you are new to the area. Updates may be communicated to the office as appropriate.

New Student Health Form 2017-18 - This form provides essential information regarding the care of your student to the Health Office. Both parent/legal guardian AND student signatures are required.

AlertNow Contact Information - When inclement weather or other issues cause the school district to close school, AlertNow phone notification system is used to contact the home or primary number provided on this form. Alert Now may also be used occasionally to supplement school communications such as important announcements to students or website updates regarding school or community events. These messages may be sent as voice or e-mail.

JSRHS Acceptable Use Policy 2017-18 - This form requires signatures from both parent/legal guardian and student for to access to the internet here at John Stark.

JSRHS Junior/Senior Registration Military Opt-Out Form 2017-18 - This form is optional and when not signed and returned it is assumed that you give consent to the release of information.

Photo Restriction Form 2017-18 - You do not need to complete and return this form if you wish to allow your child's photo to appear on the school bulletin boards, in school and school partner outlets (such as PTA and PTO), in local newspapers, television, community access cable and on school websites within SAU 24.

If your child has medical needs, additional forms are available from the school nurse.
Click here for additional health forms from School Nurse.

For information on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program, please click here...

Download this file (AlertNow Contact Information.pdf)AlertNow Contact Information[AlertNow Contact Information]18 kB2017-12-19 11:26
Download this file (JSRHS_AcceptableUsePolicy_2016-17.pdf)JSRHS Acceptable Use Policy 2017-18[JSRHS Acceptable Use Policy 2017-18]204 kB2016-12-15 11:30
Download this file (Military_Letter_2016-17.pdf)JSRHS Junior/Senior Registration Military Opt-Out Form 2017-18[JSRHS Junior/Senior Registration Military Opt-Out Form 2017-18]61 kB2016-12-15 10:38
Download this file (Student Registration Form-2017.pdf)JSRHS Student Registration Form[JSRHS Student Registration Form]155 kB2017-12-19 11:15
Download this file (New Registration Check List_20170327.pdf)New Registration Check List[New Registration Check List]86 kB2017-03-28 09:45
Download this file (New Student Health Form 2017-18.pdf)New Student Health Form 2017-18[New Student Health Form 2017-18]74 kB2017-06-27 10:38
Download this file (JSRHS_Photo_Restriciton_Form_2016-17.pdf)Photo Restriction Form 2017-18[Photo Restriction Form 2017-18]74 kB2016-12-15 11:30
Download this file (Records Release_2017-18.pdf)Record Release Form 2017-2018[Record Release Form 2017-2018]79 kB2017-12-01 08:38