Students may check out as many books as they want as long as they are returned on time. Checkout period is two weeks and books may be renewed if they are needed for a longer period of time. We expect materials to be treated responsibly and students will be held accountable for any lost or damaged items. 

Students visiting the Library are expected to be respectful of other students, the staff, and the space. During school hours, time in the Library is to be spent on academic work. All school rules apply including those that address food, drinks, hats, and electronic devices. 
  1. A respectful environment provides an appropriate atmosphere for reading, research, and study.
  2. Loans are for two weeks with option to renew.
  3. We ask students to remove their hats or other head wear (hoods, etc.) upon entering.
  4. Water is allowed as long as it not placed near the computers or keyboards. No other liquids or food are permitted.
  5. Senior privileges allow the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices in the cafe and in the atrium but are not allowed in the Library.