Last Days of School Exams and Expectations

Last Days of School 2017

Mon      Jun 12   B Day with Flex

Tues     Jun 13   A Day with Flex

Wed      Jun 14  Underclassmen Exams  B & F


Thurs    Jun 15  Underclassmen Exams  A & E

Fri         Jun 16  Underclassmen Exams D & H


Mon      Jun 19 Underclassmen Exams C & G

Tues     Jun 20  Make-up  Exams (students needing lunch or transportation must notify the Main Office by Mon Jun 19)

Please review the contents of this letter with your student so that we assure a common understanding of exam week expectations. Please feel free to call the main office if you have any questions.


  • All books and class materials must be returned before or at the time of the exam.  If an item is missing or the payment is not submitted s/he will be required to sign a promissory note guaranteeing payment.
  • On exam days, attendance will be taken in each exam block.  If a student will be absent from an exam, it is imperative that a parent or guardian notify the school.  Likewise, if your son or daughter is not present for an exam, you will be notified by the office. The Exam Support block is a time for students who need additional time for test preparation or completion. Teachers will schedule students using the FLEX software and students will receive an email confirming their appointment.
  • Students may not reschedule exams in order to have additional preparation time, to leave school early, or to get an additional vacation day.  
  • Students may schedule with their teachers for make-up exams during regularly scheduled Exam Support blocks or on Tuesday, June 20.
  • Students who have two regularly scheduled exams on the same day may not leave the building during the break. Students scheduled for Exam Support may not leave the building if they have an exam before lunch.
  • The exams for each block will be given in the room in which the class is usually held.  Once the exam period has begun, doors will be closed, and students may not leave or enter an exam room until the end of the period.  Students are expected to bring all the supplies necessary to take their exams (pens, pencils, calculators, etc.).
  • Any student who is in the building, but does not have an exam during a particular block, must go to study hall in the cafeteria and remain there until the end of the block. Students are not allowed to wander the property. If a student is at school they must stay in the building. Students found in unauthorized areas will receive disciplinary consequences.
  • The cafeteria will be open and be selling food for break and lunch all four days of exams. Families are asked to be sure they have resolved any outstanding balances before the end of the school year.  
  • The Media Center/Library will be open during regular school hours.  Students who choose to go to the Library during study hall will be expected to remain there for the entire exam period.
  • Buses will run their regular routes on the 14th through the 16th.  
  • On June 19th, since Weare and Henniker Schools will only have a half day, John Stark Weare Students will have normal bus runs; John Stark Henniker students will be bussed only to HCS.
  • On June 20th, students needing transportation or a lunch for the make-up day must coordinate ahead of time with the main office.