Senior Capstone Project - Documents

The Capstone Project is your pursuit of new learning as you work with a mentor to explore your interests. It is a demonstration of your ability to learn independently as well as a demonstration of your college and career readiness.  Your project may be totally academic, totally hands on, or a combination of the two.

While most projects are completed independently, some projects may require participation in formal outside instruction. These will be accepted at the discretion of the Capstone Coordinator. Students who wish to do this must be clear about the independent portion of the project.

Class of 2018 Google Classroom Code: ftshcd

All documents can also be found at the bottom of this page.

Capstone Project Components:

1. Proposal

  1. Choose a coach. Your coach is a staff member at John Stark who will guide you through the process of completing your Capstone project.
  2. Join Google Classroom using the appropriate class code listed above.
  3. Draft a written proposal & rubric using the templates provided in Google Classroom. DO NOT SUBMIT through Google Classroom.
  4. Meet with coach to go over proposal & rubric.
  5. Use his/her feedback to revise your written proposal & rubric.
  6. Re-submit to coach after making revisions. Coach must sign “Coach Response Form” indicating that they have reviewed it and that it is ready for submission.
  7. Submit written proposal & rubric to Capstone Coordinator by given date to be reviewed by staff.


If you are planning to start your project at the end of your junior year or over the summer, you should:

  • Make sure to pick a coach who will be available over the summer.
  • Submit your written proposal to Mr. Emery or Ms. Voisine.

If your proposal is ACCEPTED, you may begin.

If you proposal needs modifications, you must make the suggested changes and resubmit BEFORE you begin your project.

2. Learning Log

      Once your proposal & rubric have been approved, you may begin your project!

      1. Keep track of your progress in a Learning Log.

      2. Keep track of your hours in the Clocked Hours Sheet.

      3. Check in with your coach monthly, showing them your learning log.

3. Reflective Paper

      This is a four page (minimum) typed paper reflecting on your experience and the process you went through to complete the project.  Include your evaluation of the project.  At least one-half page of this paper should be a reflection of what you know of your own learning process and how you designed your project to mesh with your individual learning.  You will rely heavily on your rubric as you write this paper.

4. Presentation/Evaluation

Effectively present your project to your evaluating team.  You may choose to do this in December, March, or at Expo.  All Capstone Projects must be available for public viewing at the General Expo.  When you present you should have an organized compilation of all your work including: proposal and rubric, learning log, clocked hours, mentor agreement, mentor assessment, coach assessment, and reflective paper.

This project is a requirement for graduation and, as such, must reflect the writing, organizing, researching and presenting skills expected of a graduating senior.  Your project will be evaluated based on conferences, coach and mentor observations, observance of deadlines, learning log, rubric, reflection paper, effort, and the final product.  Your will receive a grade of one of the following:

PASS or PASS WITH CONDITIONS notification. If you submit a substandard project, you will be asked to revise it ("Pass with Conditions") and will be given a reasonable length of time for revision.  

If you choose not to do this project or to revise your work, you will receive a FAIL for the project.  A FAIL would mean you do not receive a diploma in June.

PASS WITH DISTINCTION - The evaluation team may recommend this, and the teacher panel will approve.  Only a select few, who have excelled in process and product, will be awarded this designation.




Download this file (ClockedHours.pdf)ClockedHours.pdf[ ]48 kB2017-09-01 08:48
Download this file (CoachsAssessment.pdf)CoachsAssessment.pdf[ ]43 kB2017-09-01 08:48
Download this file (IntentToPresent.pdf)IntentToPresent.pdf[ ]45 kB2017-09-01 08:49
Download this file (LearningLogInstructions.pdf)LearningLogInstructions.pdf[ ]72 kB2017-09-01 08:50
Download this file (MentorAgreement.pdf)MentorAgreement.pdf[ ]77 kB2017-09-01 08:50
Download this file (MentorAssessment.pdf)MentorAssessment.pdf[ ]57 kB2017-09-01 08:50
Download this file (Overall Time-Line 2017-2018 .pdf)Overall Time-Line 2017-2018 .pdf[ ]85 kB2017-09-01 08:52
Download this file (Proposal Instructions.pdf)Proposal Instructions.pdf[ ]79 kB2017-09-01 08:58
Download this file (Proposal Template.pdf)Proposal Template.pdf[ ]99 kB2017-09-01 08:58
Download this file (ReflectivePaperTemplate.pdf)ReflectivePaperTemplate.pdf[ ]71 kB2017-09-01 08:52
Download this file (Rubric Instructions .pdf)Rubric Instructions .pdf[ ]67 kB2017-09-01 08:59
Download this file (Rubric Template.pdf)Rubric Template.pdf[ ]56 kB2017-09-01 08:59